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The A&R department is the primary contact between the record company and its artists. A&R is the central hub within the label that fuels the singles and compilation business of Ministry of Sound Group with hit repertoire. They find and sign the talent and shape records into the right form for commercial release. 

The A&R department manage the relationship with artists and music creators to provide a bridge between art and commerce.

Ministry of Sound Group releases singles under the Data Records, Hed Kandi and Dance Nation label imprints.

London - The club is the beating heart of Ministry of Sound, It is the business that the company started with in 1991 and is what many people associate us with. The club team work every day to ensure that Ministry of Sound maintains its reputation as one of the world’s best nightclubs, reacting constantly to the volatile and sometimes unpredictable nature of dance music and clubbers worldwide. Making this happen relies on ensuring that the club team provide the best, most unforgettable clubbing experience. The promotions team always strive to book the best talent, create great artwork, excite the press and come up with initiatives to reward their most loyal visitors.

Behind the scenes the club operations team set the highest operational standards within the industry; providing swift and courteous service from the box office to the bar, to engineering the world’s best sound system all within a safe and well-maintained venue. The cultural success of the club is underpinned by sound financial planning and forecasting.

International - Outside of the world famous night club in London Ministry of Sound Group licenses its brands to companies who wish to create the authentic clubbing experience at their venues around the world. Currently there are; Ministry of Sound and Hed Kandi venues in the Red Sea, Egypt and a Euphoria night club in Kuala Lumpur.


This department is responsible for developing the concept, compiling (choosing the tracks), producing and marketing the release of high quality albums such as; The Annual, Anthems, and Clubbers Guide - to name a few. This department interacts with every department to provide us with ideas to make great albums. They will work with the Design department to create briefs for album covers, with Ministry of Sound TV to film album-related content, and with Tours and Events to promote the album in the lead up to release.

Recordings Licensing
There are two main functions that the licensing department is responsible for, the first is “clearing the tracks” that feature on both our physical and digital compilations. This involves negotiating terms (advances and royalties) for any 3rd party tracks we want to include and getting relevant approvals for use of own tracks. Once the commercial terms have been agreed the licensing department then has to make sure that the relevant legal paperwork/ agreement is in place, collate the label copy (track credits) for the album, keep the licensors informed of whether their track was used or not, and send out contractual samples.
The other main area of licensing involves “licensing out” our own tracks to other labels' compilations (UK & internationally) as well as for use on TV (know as synchronisation) and companies that wish to use our music in their products, known as a premium (for example a mobile phone pre-loaded with music).

Sales & Operations
The sales team manage the relationships with the buyers at high street music stores, supermarkets and online retailers ensuring that our music products can be bought by our customers. The operations team is responsible for the production of the CDs and packaging and ensuring that stock reaches stores in time for release.

Facilitating creative services across all departments within the company, from tours and events, repertoire and CDs, the design team manages through our external companies all areas of creativity ensuring that each of the creative projects remains true to each of the brands.

With a high turnover of work, it’s an environment where innovation and creativity are encouraged to elevate, direct and enhance the brand’s message.

Within the creative domain is our in-house TV team, which captures our parties on film, create additional behind-the-scenes footage of our music videos, interviews with our artists and produce some of our TV adverts.  They work closely with the recordings marketing department, mobile and internet teams.

The digital team create music products for sale on digital music services (iTunes, Napster, etc). The Digital department also has responsibility to market and distribute the Group's music on mobile networks such as; Vodafone, 3, O2, T-Mobile and Orange as well as international operators.

They work closely with the other recordings departments in order to generate maximum exposure and sales of our music and videos through the mobile channel of both new and back catalogue releases.

They are also responsible for mobile content creation, licensing 3rd party content, ingestion and production (music and video) and creating new mobile applications, such as the iDrum and the Ministry of Sound app on the iPhone and Windows Phone 7.

Finance is responsible for handling all financial matters for Ministry of Sound Group. Each week the management accountants support the manager of each business by re-forecasting the financial performance of every business.

 Our first UK high street VIP bar opened in November 2010 in Clapham, London. Two more venues in Ibiza and Brighton are opening this Summer followed by more later in the year.

Our bars offer a glamorous setting to socialise and listen to your favourite feel-good Hed Kandi music whilst sipping on a bespoke Hed Kandi cocktail. There is a strong emphasis on experience and customer service at our bars and we ensure that we consistently deliver this at the highest of standards.  

The Hed Kandi team work hard to maintain our strong brand identity and core values which means our Hed Kandi Bars are the best on the high street. As well as running the bars operationally, the HK bar staff are also responsible for marketing and promoting the venue as well as identifying new opportunities and locations.

The department supports both the management team and staff across a wide range of operational activities including managing employee relations, organisational structure and change management, management development and training, implementation of policies and procedures, communications, recruitment and selection, pay and benefits and staff well being.

The Information Technology (IT) department manages the technology infrastructure that enables a modern business to operate. This involves planning, deploying, maintaining, supporting and improving the IT and communications services that are consumed and delivered by Ministry of Sound Group.

This department is responsible for creating, delivering, and managing all web properties and products for Ministry of Sound Group;

Our lawyers oversee all contracts and support the whole of the business in all its commercial functions across every department. They predominately work with recordings and assist the A&R team with artist negotiations and agree terms of recording contracts. This includes drafting and negotiating licence deals (e.g. synchronisation, simple international and artist licences) and other artist-related agreements (remixes, video, artwork, and photography etc). Every contract, however large or small, should cross the desk of our in-house legal eagles.

The operations department is here to ensure the maintenance and physical environment of the Ministry of Sound Group premises is kept to a high standard as well as being responsible for health and safety. Our reception staff meet and greet visitors, handle telephone enquiries and manage post and deliveries. Other members of the team handle all maintenance issues, contractors, stationery and are the people to contact if you have questions about your desk, storage or the office environment.

This department develops the Group's brands and extends them into relevant lifestyle product categories thus generating additional revenue streams, increasing brand awareness, exposure and reaching new customers. They work alongside our brand partners and licensees to develop, market and manage products in return for a royalty fee.

They also undertake and head up the non-recordings marketing for Ministry of Sound Group and ensure that new product ideas fit with the appropriate brand framework.
They work closely with all departments to ensure that everything is cross-marketed, and new products are launched effectively.

Our online radio station promotes all of the singles and compilations output of our brands, as well as their products and events to thousands of listeners around the world.  Listeners can also hear the Ministry of Sound and Hed Kandi radio shows on the Galaxy FM radio network in the UK, on radio stations in over 50 countries and on in-flight radio with Singapore Airlines. Altogether this gives a reach of 5 million per week.

The marketing department works closely with the A&R department to prepare singles for commercial release. They are the people who commission our iconic music videos, brief the design team on the artwork for single releases and work with TV, Radio and Online pluggers who help create 'buzz' on our records.

This department is responsible for the overall management of the live experience business for Ministry of Sound, Hed Kandi, Dance Nation, Global Underground and Housexy at venues outside our London club in the UK and around the globe. The events team work with promoters to put on the best parties, bringing high quality DJs and production to other venues.

The busiest time of year for the events team is the summer season, particularly our Ibiza residencies, and around New Year’s Eve. Together with our partner promoters they put on 1000s of events each year.
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